Wonders Cutter explained

The Wonders Cutter is the only bevel cutting tool for clay that lets you cut at any angle between 15° and 75°.

The Wonders Cutter 2 cuts with either a needle, for smooth and easy side cutting, or a knife, for heavy work and making cutouts. Until recently is was a problem to cut clay slabs under any other angle than 45, 30 or 60°.


A fine but strong needle cuts through clay like a warm knife through butter. Clay doesn’t stick well on the small needle. The point of the needle is supported to avoid bending.


The knife enables you to make cutouts. For cutouts you cut from above, through the surface. The depth can be adjusted by simply sliding the knife more or less to the bottom.


New on the Wonders Cutter 2:


  • A ruler guide and ruler profile in the foot for making perfectly straight lines
  • A knob for strong and easy mounting of needle and knife
  • An extendable knife support to support the knife in all directions when making cutouts.
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The Wonders Cutter: Versatility is key!


Cut both freehand or guided with a ruler under any angel between 15° and 75°

Cut with knife for cutouts or heavy work, or needle for the fine and light work.

Extract the extendable knife support to support the knife during cutouts. Retract it for side cuts and for working with the needle.

The Wonders Cutter 2 comes with one needle mounted, one wonders knife with a spare needle attached and the flexible ruler guide

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