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Materials we choose for our tools

Choice of materials is a very important consideration during design and after. It determines properties like strength, toughness, flexibility, hardness and so forth. But when you use 3D printers for production (AM) there is a whole new range of options to manipulate product properties, just

Great Divider upgraded to 2.1

We listen very carefully to our testers, users, resellers and everyone with an opinion about the New Tools for Potters. The Great Divider is now improved on the following points: Connection of the vertical ruler with the ruler foot changed from an clamp connection to a

New Looks and Upgrades

2019 was the year we started manufacturing and sales of New Tools for Potters. We're very happy with the results of the first 10 months. But we promised to keep looking for ways to improve things, including ourselves. So, here we are. Thanks to tons