Trim Center A2 explained


With the HAS holding system, the TC Dividing pattern and many other original features like the Trim Center Standard and Height adjustable Spiral heads we think this is the most comprehensive tool a potter can have for creating pots.

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Trim Center How it works-video’s

Wide range brackets

An easy to adjust bracket system for a large range of wheel sizes: 178-360 mm. After setting it once to your wheel size you can place and remove your Trim Center as much as you want.

HAS holding system

You are in charge of shaping. The HAS Holding system lets you center and hold any shape that fits on a Trim Center: tetragon, pentagon, asymmetric, irregular, you name it. Yes, circular is also an option. You get five options to set holding positions of the heads, if needed.

Blocker handle

No matter how hard or in what direction your wheel turns, or how fast you stop it, the grip on your work stays in tact. Makes you feel sure and you don’t have to worry about choosing the right direction for your wheel when you buy a centering and trimming tool.

TC Dividing pattern

The TC Dividing pattern is on top of every Trim Center. It supports to create even divisions and find angular positions. It also enables the use of the Great Divider tool which also adds a height scale and a 360 degree scale for making geometric decorations.

Spiral heads

The most versatile holding heads let you hold any shape that fits on the Trim Center. They can be used on two heights to bridge the distance between different rod lengths.

Chord Heads

The must universal holding heads. Holding heads with a bendable middle section. They create more friction with less holding force for a firm grip on even the most delicate pieces. Comes with white sliders for angled placement of the rods.

Outbound heads

Hold pots from the inside out and keep the outside completely free. This option is available for inside diameters from 30 to 120 mm.

Low Heads

Extra low heads for low pieces like dishes, bowls and plates.

Core support

Support in the center, right on the bottom of your workpiece. Can be helpful in many situations, for instance when the top edge is non flat. Height adjustable from 40 to 200 mm. Support foot centers on Trim Center.

Ring support

A Ring support for pieces with ‘shoulders’ or bottle shaped objects. It can support on three different diameters and two different heights. Centers and locks with the sliders on the Trim Center. The center piece can be used as ‘finger support’. The rings can be used on Core support as well.

Snap-on Extensions

With extension sets you can increase the top diameter in seconds from 205 to 300, 340 or 380 mm. The maximum holding diameter is only 10 mm smaller than the top diameter.

Personalize with colors

Your tools are an extension of yourself. Make them a bit more personal by picking your favorite color.

Trim Center Standard

When not in use, this is the way to store a Trime Center with minimum shelf space.

Square rods Standard

To keep many little things organised. Stores 18 square rods and 9 sliders.

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