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Extension sets


To work on bigger pots


Extension sets can be bought as part of a Trim Center Basic set, or separately.


What’s inside an Extension set:

  • 3 Extension segments 3xx*
  • 3 Long sliders black 3xx
  • 3 Long sliders white 3xx
  • 1 Blocker axis 3xx
  • 1 Blocker handle


*3xx = 300, 340 or 380, which stands for top diameter in mm

The maximum holding size is respectively 290, 330 and 370 mm.



Before choosing size..
  • Please check if there is enough space around your wheel for extensions. We recommend the choose the size that is closest to the size of your wheel.
  • Be aware that the Blocker handle sticks out approx. 10 mm outside the extension diameter


Choose Color and Size


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