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Outbound Head set

15,00 (Excl. VAT 12,40)

Holding Heads to hold pots on the inside


… and keep the outside entirely free


Usable for pots with inner diameters from 30 to 120 mm.


A few warnings are in place:

  • Be careful when tightening these heads, you can’t see them when they are covered by the pot. So you have to feel instead of see whether or not the pot is fixed.
  • The Trim Center A2 MUST be Blocked when you work with these heads, otherwise the heads may move inward and loose grip while you’re trimming.
  • When you have a Trim Center A1 you can’t use these, but there is a good alternative. Please contact us.


The rubber rings are replaceable and can be ordered separately (choose type C).


Set of 3 pc. plus 1 center piece.


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