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New Looks and Upgrades

New Looks and Upgrades

2019 was the year we started manufacturing and sales of New Tools for Potters. We’re very happy with the results of the first 10 months. But we promised to keep looking for ways to improve things, including ourselves. So, here we are. Thanks to tons of idea’s and constant input from our testers, users, visitors and pottery enthusiasts we have upgraded all our tools, plus the way we present them.

Here I will highlight what’s changed, for who wants to know. Let’s start with some pictures.

New looks

You may have noticed our new looks. We felt the design of our first website was a bit too dark, may be too serious or mysterious. Anyway, it didn’t match with our intentions and ideas about bringing fresh new ideas about pottery to a very creative community. So we changed a few things, I hope you like it.

Upgrades for all tools

But more important is what happened to the tools. In short, all tools have become more versatile, usable in more situations or better suited for certain tasks. Although there are idea’s and plans for other tools, we keep on working on improvements for the tools we already introduced. So far we have introduced new tools for centering, for decorating, for, measuring and for cutting. You may know them by name, they are called the Trim Center, the Great Divider, the Check Mate and the Wonders Cutter. They’re all upgraded to a second generation with the number 2 added to their names.

Trim Center A2


The blocker was made to prevent unintentional movement of the holding heads. When the Blocker is active, no matter how hard your wheel turns or stops or in what direction, the heads do not move and your work always stays fixed.

Because the Trim Center is now independent from the rotation direction of the wheel, we no longer make them in different orientations (CW and CCW).

The Blocker handle is an easy to use provision and is located at the lower side of the Trim Center. We recommend always to use the blocker while doing your trimming work.

Bigger Brackets

The brackets got a bit bigger to make them more robust and the scales more readable. They also got permanent knobs so you don’t need tools anymore during the first set-up or later adjustment.

Holding heads

There are four different holding heads now. The first two (in the order mentioned here below) are for general use and can be used for 90% of all trimming cases, by estimation. They are part of the basic set of the Trim Center A2. They other heads or specials.

The Chord heads, the most universal heads, have proven their usefulness. They are unchanged.

The Spiral heads, the most versatile heads with height-adjustable core, now have an adjustable inner-core that cannot be removed (or lost).

The Outbound heads hold pots from the inside out. They are adjusted to work in combination with the new Blocker. They no longer needed individual blocking knobs.

The Low heads are new. They are made on requests for extra low heads for trimming low parts like plates and dishes.

Sets in the shop

To keep an overview of things we have arranged the Trim Centers into sets.

  • Trim Center Basic, with or without Extension sets for different sizes.
  • Completion set, with parts for storing, special heads and longer rods.
  • Combined Support set, with two extra support systems for parts that cannot stand on their own top edge

See our webshop for more the details.

Extension sets

Extension sets are now part of Trim Center Basic sets, they consist of Extension segments, two sets of Long sliders and two Blocker parts (handle and axis). Extensions segments are now provided with degree markings to support decoration work.

Completion sets

Completion sets consist of a Trim Center standard, a Rod standard, Square rod long set (100, 125 and 150 mm), Low head set, Outbound head set.

Combined Support set

The Core support and Ring Support now can also be used combined. The Rings of the Ring support fit on top of the Core support which allows to support of bigger pots in the center.

Check Mate 2

The Check Mate 2 has become usable in more situations. We added a pair of extra arms, we call it the crossbar, to make it possible to check three sizes in one action.: diameter, depth (tombo) plus bottom thickness. That’s not only time-saving but also very convenient when you’re making larger series or even two of the same.

When not in use the crossbar is ‘hidden’ inside the yoke which connects the two metal pins. The two adjustable markers can be used for checking diameters. By unscrewing the spindle in the middle entirely, you can free the crossbar and use it with the two markers still attached. The yoke and crossbar are still made from carbon reinforced material, which makes the parts very stiff.

Great Divider 2

Great Divider2 with protractor ring on Divider wheel

The Great Divider has been promoted from dividing tool to decoration tool. We added a protractor ring with a 360 degree scale to also support making other geometries then evenly spaced patterns. Now there are four provisions to support decoration work: 1) a vertical ruler with centimeter and inch scale, 2) a protractor ring with degree scale, 3) a ‘doubling scale’ on a rotatable foot that works in combination with the 4) TC Dividing Pattern that is on top of the Divider wheel or Trim Center.

Even the plug that holds the scriber or pencil has been adjusted to make it easier to create geometry on pottery with a ‘guided freehand’.

Wonders Cutter 2

We made three important changes. 1) we made a little knob on the front to ease mounting of needle or knife. 2) We added a profile in the foot and a special, flexible ruler guide to make to draw straight lines in clay, and 3) we added a retractable knife guide to keep the knife attached to the foot when maken under cuts with the knife sticking out under the cutter foot. The knife is somewhat flexible in sideways directions and could runaway from the cutter foot. Now he cant escape anymore.

Wonders Cutter2 with knife and needle and new mounting knob, ruler guide and retractable knife guide

This was the very first blog for Ways Wonders. More will follow, either from me or others from Ways Wonders. We will try to keep coming with interesting posts about developments and other subjects. The next probably will be about the events we will attent this year, also for the very first time. So far there will be three at least. You’ll see.


Fred van der Weij