Check Mate explained


The Check Mate is a modern version of the traditional Japanese Tombo tool

The Check Mate 2 is a measuring and checking tool that lets you set, check and take over height, depth, thickness and diameter from one workpiece to the next. It can be useful during throwing, trimming or other steps.


New on the Check Mate 2 is the unique Triple Action Option: a second arm, that normally is ‘hidden’ in the top yoke, allows you to set and check three sizes in one action: height, diameter and bottom thickness. It’s very useful and time saving and something you really have to experience for yourself.


The Check Mate combines functionality of a tombo tool, caliper and height gauge.


It is made from carbon reinforced recycled PET, bio-based plastics and stainless steel.

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How it works

Check starting bottom thickness of a bowl

Set desired bottom thickness. One full turn of the spindle equals 2 mm displacement. Lock with locking nut.

Check top diameter of the a bowl, inside or outside.

Check bottom thickness during trimming

The Triple action option: set and check edge height, top diameter and bottom thickness in one action.

Check height of a bowl.
Checking depth is the same but with spindle inside the bowl

Use of the Check Mate as a height gauge. Also useful during initial throwing.

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