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About Ways Wonders

Ways Wonders is set up to offer new products for creative people who work with clay.

Our products are the result of a rethinking exercise about existing solutions for ceramists. They reconsidered, reinvented and redesigned to be made in a circular way and with more functionality and value for end-users than any existing and comparable product.


Wondering is the most rewarding condition to be in for getting new thoughts and insights about improving things.

New Ways

Far horizons, intriguing perspectives. It motivates us to look for new ways to reach distant goals.


Owner is Fred van der Weij, he is a Dutch inventor, product developer and entrepreneur for 30 years now. He has has many patents to his name. He is also director of APDS Development, where all Ways Wonders products were developed.


An inventor, a teacher, and a ceramist are the heart of Ways Wonders. Around us are potters from very different backgrounds. They feed us with thoughts, insights and remarks. Together wonderful things are created.


Europe is local to us. Our raw materials and equipment for production all come from Europe. This means less transport and climate effects throughout the entire chain.


Additive Manufacturing (AM) gives us the advantage of being flexible, responsive, customizable, precise and up to date. It enables us to create products that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to produce for smaller markets. Our products are all specially designed for AM and are made in the printfarm of APDS Manufacturing in Almere.


You don’t have to be an idealist to acknowledge the importance of a circular economy. For a new company it is important to make the right choices for circularity right from the start. Working with mostly recycled, recyclable and bio-based plastics are just a few of them.