New tools for an

ancient craft

Pottery tools have been around
for thousands of years.

A lot has changed over time but it will always remain a craft where people use tools and hands to make wonderful things. The New Tools For Potters series fits in a history of preserving old craftsmanship and using changing insights and possibilities to shape things.

Center A2

The Trim Center A2 is the most versatile trimming and centering tool on the market with many unique features. Fits all potters wheels from 178 to 360 mm. Easy to install and remove. Expandable and adjustable for many common and special pottery situations.

Cutter 2

The Wonders Cutter 2 is the only bevel cutting tool for clay that lets you cut at any angle between 15 ° and 75 °. With either a needle for smooth and easy side cutting, or a knife for heavy work and making cutouts. Now also with ruler guide.

Mate 2

The Check Mate 2 is the Tombo measuring tool of the 21st century, but far more versatile. You can set, measure and check diameter, height and bottom thickness in one action. Also very useful for depth checking. It can even be used as a height gauge. Check it out!

Divider 2

Ever tried to make geometric decorations on pottery? Or evenly spaced patterns. This decorating tool makes it much easier, more accurate and more secure. You get a vertical ruler on a rotatable foot on a rail that has a special scale to make all kinds of divisions, and a protractor ring with 360 degree scale to make any geometry on a revolving surface.

  • Materials we choose for our tools

    Choice of materials is a very important consideration during design and after. It determines properties like strength, toughness, flexibility, hardness and so forth. But when you use 3D printers for production (AM) there is a whole new range of options to manipulate product properties, just......

  • Great Divider upgraded to 2.1

    We listen very carefully to our testers, users, resellers and everyone with an opinion about the New Tools for Potters. The Great Divider is now improved on the following points: Connection of the vertical ruler with the ruler foot changed from an clamp connection to......

  • New Looks and Upgrades

    2019 was the year we started manufacturing and sales of New Tools for Potters. We’re very happy with the results of the first 10 months. But we promised to keep looking for ways to improve things, including ourselves. So, here we are. Thanks to tons......

Ways Wonders tools are developed and tested with a group of permanent testers. Together we make and keep improving new tools for ceramists.

If you want to be part of our regular testers, send a message to with a motivation, background as a ceramist and an overview of the type of work you do. Also indicate which tools you would like to test.